7 Best Place You Must Visit in Perth, Western Australia

When visiting Perth, there are few bucket lists that you do not want to miss the excitement and the experience while visiting Perth. Perth differs from any other city as the city of Perth is just a balance city between works and relax. You can explore the beauty and the picturesque view of this city and will absolutely love them.


Caversham Wildlife Park

In Caversham Wildlife Park is the place where you can feed the kangaroos which the kangaroo food is provided and get to view them closely in a spacious and peaceful environment. Next, visitors can get the experience to stroke a koala and can take as many photos as you like with no additional charge with the koala. Visitors also can have pictures with wombat and variety of Aussie icons and their team will proudly introduce you to their favorite animals. Caversham Wildlife Park also gives you the chance to visit the interactive farmyard which is Molly’s farm where animals here are very friendly and also good at posing for the photos.  You definitely did not want to miss a chance to watch the farm show which you can see sheep shearing, watch the sheepdogs muster the sheep and meet a stockman on a horse and when they need the volunteer, make sure you raised up your hands to get involved! This park is located near the Whiteman Park that also offers you great entertainment ideas for the family, including the vintage train rides, transport museum, shops, cafes and art galleries.

This park is a 20 minutes journey by car from Perth city. However, tourists also can visit this park by public transport, catch a train from Perth Train Station to Bassendean Station (along with the Midland Train Line) and then take bus number 955 or 956 to Whiteman Park.

This park is open every day in a year except for Christmas day from 9am to 5:30 pm and the last entry into the park is from 4:30 pm. It is recommended to have’ at least 3 hours in the park to have great excitement and enjoy all of the attractions. The admission price that includes all attractions, animal feed, and photo opportunities is $29.00 for adult and $13.00 for children (3 years to 14 years).




Fremantle is the lively port in Western Australia that is part of the Perth metropolitan area and well-known for its maritime history. Therefore, Fremantle biggest attraction is the history as there are few museums in Fremantle such as WA Shipwreck Museum, WA Maritime Museum and Army Museum of Western Australia. Fremantle serves the soothing picturesque scenery and also give the best idea to go for a shopping in the Fremantle Market while experiencing a lot of excitement and enjoyment while shopping there. Enjoy the view of Rainbow Sea Container on your journey back along the roadside and capture the beautiful moment there as it is unique and rare where you can find only in Fremantle.  You can also taste fresh fish and chips at Kaili’s Waterfront Fremantle with soothing scenery while enjoying your meals. The journey from the Perth city to Fremantle takes up to 27 minutes with the car, however, you can still visit Fremantle by public transport which is bus and train.


Penguin Island

Penguin Island is blessed with a white sandy beach and surrounded by crystal clear waters located 45 minutes in South Perth located at Rockingham and lies a five minutes ship ride away in the core of the roughly marvelous Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. The wildlife such as rare Australian sea lions and dolphin are the star attraction including getting up close to the world’s smallest penguins can be seen when on a cruise while enjoying the picturesque view.

Spotting penguins while on the cruise is rare due to they usually go for swimming, however, the island is the home for a few little penguins and they are having a show during feeding time and visitors can watch them closely. A journey to discover this cute little creature in the world is the most unique and fun experience as they are also having a penguin show to ensure the visitors get the real excitement in Penguin Island. Other than that, visitors can also go for a picnic, swimming, snorkel (bring your own equipment) and explore the island.

The cost for the ferry ride is $27 for adult and $20 for children (3-12 years). The ferry ride starts from 9am – 3pm and the return ferry stop sharp at 4pm every day. This experience is amazing and only can be found here, Penguin Island.



Busselton is a city located in the South Perth and approximately 2 hours 30 minutes journey from Perth with the famous attraction which is Busselton Jetty. You can take a train or stroll out leisurely on 1.8km jetty while enjoying the scenic view of blue ocean and sky that you will never forget to the Underwater Observatory where you can see the amazing marine life. The underwater observatory is descended 8 meters within the water’s surface to watch 300 individual marine species in their natural habitat through 11 viewing windows.

The cost for the jetty train is $13.50 for adult and $8.50 for children (3 – 17 years) that will promise you the great experience while on the train with approximately 45 minutes journey return. While for the Underwater Observatory admission fee is $34.00 for adult and $20.00 for children (3 – 17 years), they also provide family package consists of 2 adults and 2 children that cost $99 an additional $9 per extra child to a maximum of 2.


The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles desert is something different from other places you visit in Perth. This desert is the stranded land that has enormous standing stones made of limestone and can be up to 3.5m high and sit amongst the eerily quiet sand dunes in the Numbung National park. The uniqueness of the desert is the standing stones have been formed from solidifying sand dunes over thousands of years and have become one of the most attractive place to visit in Perth. Located in the North Perth and approximately 3 hours driving journey from Perth, you can take a nice shot of photo and admire the beauty of the natural occurrence.

Beginning at the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre, you can find the regular and social legacy esteems this zone holds before setting off through the desert to investigate this otherworldly scene. Taking your vehicle through the desert, you will encounter these mammoth stones of shapes and sizes taking after consistently articles and life forms –, for example, The Turtle, Casper the Ghost, and Sea Lion adjusting a ball on its nose. Other than in The Pinnacles, there is a lot of beauty to explore throughout the journey to The Pinnacles.


Bell Tower & Elizabeth Quay

Bell tower, also known as swan bells tower is the signature of Perth City. The tower that consists a set of 18 bells hanging in a specially built 82.5-meter-high copper and glass campanile in Perth, Western Australia. Being the most unique place in Perth and the most attraction and a must visit the place to the tourist, located along the Riverside Drive overlooking the picturesque Swan River. During the visit, you can enjoy the 30 minutes guided interactive experience where you will learn the art of chiming the bell, and also enjoy the stunning view of the Swan River and Perth City from the observation deck of the tower also receive a souvenir bell chiming certificate. The entry fees to enjoy the moment at the bell tower is $18 for adult and $9 for children (5-14 years). However, you can take as many as you want pictures of the bell tower for free.

Elizabeth Quay is the riverfront attraction at the city and known as the mixed-use development project in the Perth central business district. Located on the north shore of Perth Water and centered on the landmark Swan Bells tower or Bell Tower. You will capture the beauty and the scenic view of the Perth city and enjoying the moment and also you can walk along the pedestrian bridge and capture the amazing moment there. It is also accessible by public transport and by car, therefore, you will not have any difficulties to go there.


Blue Boat House

Another beautiful tourist attraction in Perth is the blue boat house also known as Perth icon located at the city near the Kings Park, the biggest park in Perth. It is only a small blue boat house located near the jetty of the swan river, however, when you have a shot of pictures there. Boom! The magic happens and you can understand why this place becomes the most tourist destination. This house also has his own history that written on the tombstone before the jetty. You can have lovely shot as many as you want due to there is no entrance fees to the blue boathouse. Enjoy the view there and ensure to make as many shots as you want as an amazing gift from Perth!

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