5 Selected Halal Restaurants in Perth, Australia

Looking for a halal restaurant in a foreign city as Perth is very hard due to less population of Muslim there. However, within years this problem has been overcome with the emergence of numerous halal restaurants that bring the tastiness that you always do not want to taste. To make your life easier, here we have listed a few restaurants that bring the joy you need and for sure can fulfill your hunger!


#1 – My Rasa

My rasa is a place that serves you Malaysian cuisine although Malaysian food in Perth does not widely serve as any other cuisine, however, My Rasa can help to cure your homesickness to your homeland, Malaysia and indulge yourself once in a while with the beautiful taste of the food. They serve only the best spice, fresh meat and seafood, sambal and plenty of vegetarian option to ensure everyone can have a taste of wonderful Malaysian cuisine in Perth.  Enjoy the best culinary traditions of Malaysia delicacies and have a wonderful taste of Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and other Malaysia cuisine that you will regret if you are not trying. The price is affordable with the taste and serves only halal food for the customers.

The opening hours of my rasa is from Tuesday – Thursday: 5:00pm – 9:30pm while Friday – Sunday: 9:00am – 9:30pm and close every Monday. My rasa located at 18 Welwyn Ave | Manning, Perth and easy to spot due to the shop is at the corner lot. Be sure to come early or have a reservation to avoid waiting for too long.


#2 – Alto’s Kebab House

Located at the Northbridge, Perth, Alto’s Kebab House have become the most sensational kebab house in the Perth and serve only the fresh meal to their customers with the original recipe from Turkish. The strategic location in the city make this kebab house famous and well known in Perth. If you are hungry at night, Alto’s Kebab House opens from 6pm-2am on Sunday-Tuesday and closed at 5am on Friday- Saturday however, the best part is, this kebab house open every night to serve you when you are starving before sleep!

Alto’s Kebab House also included in the Uber Eats apps, therefore, if you are tired or feeling lazy to go out to the shop, you can simply order thru the apps and they will deliver it to you. Do not miss out to try this hot kebab house in Perth or you will regret it when going back to your homeland.


#3 – Insan’s Café

Insan’s Café is another café that serves authentic Malay cuisine and halal food to the customers, with the whole host of incredible dishes that you have to try when going there. With menus that consists of The Nasi, The Noodle, The Satay, The Concur, The Roti and The Soup, with affordable price to fulfill your hunger, sure you do not want to miss this café. They also serve you hot and cold drinks and not forget the dessert! Reading the menus will make you starving, therefore, it a must try this café as you will not regret it! Located at Murray Street in Perth, not far from Elizabeth Quay and Langley Park, customers can easily found this café as it is one of the famous halal cafés there.

Insan’s Café opening hour is every day from 11 am – 9 pm vary due to the public holiday. However, you can make a reservation by call or email this café. Therefore you will not have to wait for too long to ensure your food is ready on the table!


#4 – Charcoal Chicken Express

The most sensational and famous halal restaurant in Perth! Located at Dianella Plaza in Perth, this restaurant is well known among the tourist due to the delicious taste of its chicken and also lamb! Their sweet barbeque lamb rib is a must try when you going there. You can dine-in or take away depending on your preference, however, the taste will always be the same. You can also add on biryani rice, their special salad, and cream potato according to your interest. This restaurant serves the fresh lamb and chicken in the shop! Do not worry if you are not the lamb-lover, they also have normal spice chicken and spicy Portuguese chicken for you. They also provide the package for family deals and also chicken packs if you are coming in big groups. Do not miss the chance to dine in at Charcoal Chicken Express and taste the tastiness of the spice in every bite!

The opening hour is every Monday-Saturday from 10:30 am- 9pm and closed every Sunday. Only 13 minutes away from the city of Perth, you will explore and discover the delicious taste of the chicken and lamb, serves only in Charcoal Chicken Express!


#5 – Turkish Kitchen

Listed in the trip advisor as the 10 best kebabs in Perth, you surely did not want to miss the chance to visit this restaurant and taste their cuisine. According to the name, this restaurant serve halal Turkish cuisine and the most famous and delicious kebab, they also have pizza and many more unique meals on the menu. Getting good reviews on the internet, this restaurant has proved their kebab is famous in and a must try when visiting Perth. Enjoy the genuine and unforgettable taste of Turkish when dining there. With an affordable price and the big portion that can be shared with family and friends.

Turkish Kitchen located at East Victoria Park, Perth and can easily be found because of the uniqueness and the specialness of this restaurant. Turkish kitchen opens every day except Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm. Welcome to taste the Turkish cuisine in Perth city and enjoy the tastiness of the food!


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