3 Suggestions Souvenir Shops in Perth, Western Australia

When traveling to another country, shopping for souvenirs is a crucial thing before going back to hometown, and also need to find the best and cheap place to shop. Souvenirs in Perth are majority related to kangaroo and koala due to those two animals are the Perth icon. Make sure to buy souvenirs cause you going to miss Perth when at home! Here is the list of the suggestions souvenir shops to ensure you got your souvenirs with affordable price.


Australian Clearance Center (Watertown Brand Outlet Perth)

The biggest shopping outlet in Perth provides you all the brand that you need. Located in the city of Perth, this outlet has become the attraction due to the strategic location and often having big sale especially during a celebration such a Christmas day. However, there is one shop in this outlet that always having a big sale for their shop! Here, you can find your souvenir in the cheaper price from other stores. Sure you do not want to miss this opportunity to save your money and buy more souvenir! This shop located opposite to Smiggle in Watertown Brand Outlet Perth and their shop always flooded by tourists to buy a souvenir for their loved one. This shop offers you a cheaper price, the unique and beautiful souvenir that you cannot get it at other souvenir shops.

Watertown Brand Outlet open every day in a week from 9am- 5:30 pm. However, on Friday this outlet close late at 9 pm to ensure everyone enjoys their weekend there. You can go there either by car due they provide more parking also by public transport because this outlet is located in the city. Do not miss the chance to visit this souvenir shop and enjoy buying with cheaper price there!



Megabes Shop (Fremantle Market)

The cheapest souvenir shop in town! Megabes is surely suitable for the tourist that love everything about Australia also you can get a chance to wholesale the cute stuff in the shop. From the small fridge magnet until the biggest soft toys of Australia icon (kangaroo and koala). The owner of this shop is Chinese Singaporean, Mr. Simon, have given great hospitality to their customers during their visit and very friendly to their customers. They promised you the price that is much cheaper than another souvenir shop. Plus, if you have any difficulties while shopping there, Mr. Simon and his son, Teo will give you help. Megabes Shop has another branch located at E Shed Market, Fremantle. However, for the number of items, Megabes Shop located at Fremantle Market have plenty than at E Shed Market due to the bigger shop and have more unique stuff with affordable price. They also have towels, t-shirts, and many more memorable things that you can bring back to your homeland.

Located at Fremantle, the journey takes up to 30 minutes from Perth by car. However, you can also go there by public transport which is a train and bus. Plan your visit to Megabes as there are only open three days in a week which are Friday (9am-8pm), Saturday, and Sunday from 9am-6pm. The best day to go is on Friday cause if the things that you bought is not enough, you can come again the next day! Be sure to bring enough money with you as you will regret if you are not buying there!




Perth Souvenirs & Giftware (Perth City)

Staying in the city of Perth and not having enough time to find for a souvenir? Here is the answer, located at the city of Perth 10 minutes driving from Elizabeth Quay is the place you need. Due to the location at the city, no need to rush buying souvenirs as it is a few kilometers away from you, while you can go for a window shopping and have a look on the items at the shop first! You can also buy it at the last minute before going to the airport and can spend your cash there. There is some stuff that you can buy here and cannot find it at other souvenir shops. Opens seven days a week to serve and entertain you every day without hesitation, therefore if your to-buy list is not complete, you can come again in the next day and have a look for more items there. Do not forget to complete your checklist before going back to your hometown!

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